Off to Wizard World LA!

Well, in just over five hours, the family and I will be heading south to Wizard World Los Angeles. It’ll be our first time in the LA Convention Center, and I’m looking forward to it.

We’ll be trying out a different booth setup for this one (dubbed the “light” setup, since it’s theoretically shippable–unlike our “heavy” setup we typically use in San Diego which requires a cargo van to get from place to place). Although going with the traditional heavy setup was certainly an option for us due to the relative closeness of the LA show, we decided to try out the alternate booth arrangement instead. If it works, we’ll be more easily able to take the show on the road to more distant shows around the country and beyond.

(The real test will come two months from now when we do Comic Salon in Erlangen, Germany–our first ever show in that country!)

Wish us luck, and if you’re down in LA over the weekend, please stop by our booth and say “Hi!” — we’ll be the ones under the giant rocket ship near Artist Alley…

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