The Atomic Avenue Comic Book Trivia Challenge

With the system coming up on its first anniversary in a couple of months, we decided to have some fun. This week, we kicked off the Atomic Avenue Comic Book Trivia Challenge, designed to test your knowledge of the fabulous four-color fantasy world of comics.

From January 15th through the 31st, we’re posting a new question (actually a question and a bonus question) each day to the Atomic Avenue web site. Answer them correctly, and you’re entered to win great daily prizes including Marvel Masterworks volumes, DC Archives, Marvel Essentials, and more. Best yet, your total score adds up to give you a chance to win three amazing prizes which are among the few things you can’t find on Atomic Avenue—or anywhere else, for that matter:

– A copy of Batman: The Dark Knight signed by Frank Miller himself

– Frank Miller’s copy of Daredevil #179 (Elektra vs. Bullseye) from his personal collection

– and Frank Miller’s very own copy of Daredevil #181—the death of Elektra

(As a karmic bonus, Atomic Avenue arranged to buy the prizes from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in order to help them raise funds for their efforts. Check out for more information on this terrific organization)

If you think you know your stuff, head on over to Atomic Avenue and give it a shot!

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