Stuff Everyone Else Probably Already Knew, But I Just Figured Out #1: Starbucks Mochas and Caffeine Content

SEEPAKBIJFO #1: Starbucks Mochas

For the past year or more, I’ve been calibrating my Starbucks mocha intake to how dead on my feet I’ve felt in the morning:

Regular Dead = Grande Mocha

“I’ve been half the night working” = Venti

“We ship in two days” = “How many Venti’s in a Jereboam?”

It turns out, I’ve been doing a head fake on myself all this time: The Grande (16 oz) and Venti (20 oz) sizes of Starbucks hot Caffee Mochas each have the same amount of Espresso in them.

What’s different? An extra sploosh of chocolate and some milk. Effectively, asking for a Venti is like saying you’d like a little chocolate milk with your coffee. And while there is some tiny amount of caffeine in the chocolate, the vast majority is in the Espresso shots… of which the two sizes have the same amount.

(I actually found this out as we tried to diagnose why a certain Starbucks Mocha tasted weak as anything a couple of days ago [answer: it wasn’t stirred]. That’s also when I found out the hot drinks have the same amount of espresso in the Grande and Venti sizes. Strangely, the cold drinks have more espresso in the Venti size–go figure…)

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