Which Phone Should I Get?

OK, I need some help here:

I’m currently using a Motorola Razr which was razd from the dead by Neil after Carolyn abandoned it as unsalvageable. It replaced my Palm Treo 650, which has been sitting in a drawer ever since it decided that it no longer wanted to transmit sound–a job requirement that, for a phone, is decidedly non-optional. (The Treo 650 I’ve got now is also the 4th of its breed–the previous 3 being warranty-repaired when they all decided to stop working in various ways. Unfortunately, the warranty on Treo 650 Mach IV had expired, and there just seemed to be no sense throwing more money down that particular rathole). Sorry, Palm, but I’m over you. Update: A hat tip to Palm Tech Support.

Anyway, my Razr, despite being a perfectly good phone, is getting decidedly long in the tooth, and a recent crack to the external LED screen (tip: don’t bike to work with your keys and your cellphone in the same pocket) made me decide it’s time to upgrade.

I checked my phone account at AT&T today, and to my astonishment, found out that my contract is up–meaning that I’m absolutely free to either re-up (including a new phone), or move elsewhere. So here’s my question to you: what phone would you suggest for someone who wants:

– Excellent phone performance (reception, call quality)

– Contact transfer from Outlook

– The ability to be used outside of the U.S.

– Light internet usage (I’m amazed by some of the things iPhones can do, but I don’t want to pay big bucks for an internet plan I don’t use often. The absolute max I think I’d ever consider would be $30/mo. for phone internet services).

– Music/GPS are nice, but not essential (I’ve already got a GPS in my car, and an iPod 160 with my whole library loaded up).

(As a bonus, whatever phone I do pick is likely to wind up with ComicBase export support for it (if it doesn’t have it already), because I definitely want to be able to keep my title lists on it!)

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