Holy Cow! Big Updates and Big Praise for the Editors!

Have you guys been checking out the last couple of updates to ComicBase? Thanks to a trove of comics we brought back from Germany and England (as well as new submissions from customers), we’ve managed to add almost 15,000 comics to ComicBase in the last two weeks alone. To put that in perspective, that’s about 3/4 as many issues as existed in the entire first release of ComicBase some 15 years ago!

I also wanted to give some much-deserved praise to Shiaw-Ling for all her amazing work researching and pricing thousands of comics written largely in German, with publishing histories that would be befuddling to even the most experienced native speakers. It’s difficult, important work, and unfortunately, some of the worst of it (I’m thinking of “Illustrierte Klassiker” — “Classics Illustrated” in German) is yet to come. But it’s been an enormous undertaking, and I, for one, am very impressed by what she’s accomplished in just a few weeks. Well done, Shiaw-Ling! (And not to be outdone, thanks to Mark for handling thousands of additions and corrections to the database this week as well! [and thanks to all of you for sending them in!])

Next week: cracking the 400,000 issue mark?

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