Episode 1: Arrival*

(* Points for the first person to get the reference. Clue: old British TV)

I woke up this morning, blinked several times to clear my vision, and saw that that there were antlers hanging from the chandelier in the middle of my room. “Oh right!” I thought. “I must be in Germany.”

Twenty four hours earlier, I was saying goodbye to my wife and kids at San Francisco International. The following is a count-off my day:

– Number of times spent passing through airport security: 3

– Number of movies watched on plane: 3-1/2 (Sorry… fell asleep halfway through “Dan in real life.”

– Number of times I visibly annoyed my seatmate by laughing loudly at “Enchanted”: 5

– Number of flights: 2

– Train trips afterward: 2

– Meals served on plane: 3

– Edible meals on plane: 2

– Amount of luggage misplaced by airline at Heathrow’s infamous Terminal Five: 2

– Number of free mini-Mars bars eaten from bowl at British Airways lost baggage counter: 4 (see “Edible meals” count, above)

– Number of checked bags, now lost, containing our entire trade show display: 2

That last item threatens to be something of a damper on the whole trade show experience, unless British Airways manages to somehow locate the bags and get them to Erlangen today. If not, our fantastic foray into the world of European comic shows threatens to become somewhat less impressive… perhaps just Joe and me, along with a suitcase of software, standing outside shouting, “Tollisches Comic-Datenbank! Spezial Preis!” Yeah… that would not be good…

Off to scout out the show setup and load up my German cell phone with minute so that the nice folks at BA have a chance of reaching me…

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