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Apocalarpers stocking up on toilet paper and bottled water

“LARPing” is “Live Action Role Playing” — basically getting together with a bunch of like-minded folks and dressing up as warriors or wizards or vampires etc. and acting out a live game of Dungeons and Dragons (or Vampire: The Masquerade, or what have you).

In our current state, it looks like we’ve decided to engage in a society-wide epic of “Plague!: The Apocalypse”. Although considerably less fun to play than any of the previously mentioned games, it’s become a worldwide sensation. In fact, many states and cities now mandate participation.

After an initial “setup” stage where everyone runs around in attempt to find as much toilet paper as possible, the players mostly just sit on their phones and computers at home, reading news headlines and trying to avoid getting bored. Players are allowed to move to other locations, but only after guiltily forming an excuse as to why the trip was absolutely necessary, and making efforts to stay at least six feet away from the other players (3 times that distance if any of the players is wearing a surgical mask).

Anyone who coughs or sneezes for any reason is a “carrier” and is instantly shunned by the other players. Any location that person has been in for the past two weeks is then shut down and the “carrier” is put in “quarantine”. After the first week of gameplay, however, this matters less since all the other locations shut down too, the entire economy goes into a tailspin, and the players are all effectively living in isolation anyway.

There is no end to the game.